Flamenco show in Madrid

Flamenco Night in Madrid

No need to travel to Andalusia to experience the intensity and emotion of flamenco. From Las Musas we offer the opportunity to experience a live and magical night in the capital of Spain! Flamenco has been declared by UNESCO an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. It is a style of music and dance originating in Andalusia (southern Spain), whose roots are still debated, but the most popular theory points to the mixing of Moorish and Andalusian gypsies as the catalyst. Over the years, Flamenco has become a symbol of our culture, our music, and dance!

When to dance Flamenco?


You just have to be in the lobby of the Hostel, your guide will come to get you at the set time.

How Much cost Flamenco Night?

For just € 13, enjoy the most traditional flamenco in the center of Madrid. Thanks to our incredible offer, you’ll live all the magic and feeling that a flamenco show has to offer, while saving money.  Doesn´t get better than that!