Pub crawl Madrid

Pub Crawl Madrid

Party night in Madrid Do you want to go out and party in downtown Madrid? Do you want to do so being guided by professionals? Do you want to experience Madrid’s nightlife together with travelers like yourself? At Las Musas we offer you the opportunity to enjoy the nighttime party scene in the heart of Madrid without having to empty your pockets. Have fun and save money like never before. Experience a night in Madrid that’s unforgettable, although you may have trouble remembering it the next day.


Every night at 10:45pm

Just come to the hostel’s lounge area and the guides will meet you there.

How and How Much

For only €12, enjoy free entry and free drinks in three pubs and one night club in downtown Madrid,

have a great time and save some money too. And remember, the guides will always be there to help

you with anything you need.