– Can I check-in at any time?

You are welcome to come to the hostel at any time, since we have the reception open 24 hours a day. If you’re lucky and your room is empty when you arrive, you’ll get your room at that moment. If not you will have to wait at most until 15:30 when our normal check in time is. That’s the time we set for our excellent housekeeping team do its job. But do not worry, if you arrive early you can make use of all our common areas of the Hostel; leave luggage in our luggage room, shower if needed, and have a good time with our staff and guest.

– And check out?

Check-out is at 10:30 am. We have a tolerance for half an hour and then we must begin to clean the rooms. If your flight, train or bus is at night, do not forget that you can leave your luggage in the luggage room, make use of our kitchen, or simply relax in our common areas while you wait until your departure time.

– Can I leave my bags for the day after completing my stay?

Yes, we can allow you to leave your bags at no cost.

– Are there security lockers to store valuables?

Yes, we offer security lockers in every room; the service is free, you just need to bring a lock. If you don´t have one, we can see you one for only € 3 . We also have smaller safes for you to secure your money and documents. And for any special circumstance you have, just ask us, we will help in any way possible.

– Can I cook my own food at the hostel?

Of course! We have a large communal kitchen from 8am to 11.30pm equipped with all the necessities to cook your own meals and to make use of our kitchen supply. You can buy what you need at the many food shops you’ll find next to Las Musas to cook up a good meal! Do not forget that we thrive on having a clean environment, so you should wash up and clean whatever it is you use.

– Do I have access to the Internet?

Yes, in Las Musas we give you free Wi-Fi access in our common areas. And if you do not bring your computer, you can use the computers we put at your disposal at no charge.

– Can I smoke in the Hostel?

This is a no smoking zone, so you can not smoke inside, but you can always go out to enjoy a cigar as you walk along our gorgeous neighborhood of Lavapies.

– We are a group of more than eight people, what do I have to do to stay in the Las Musas?

We have extensive experience in hosting big groups and tours of all kinds: universities, colleges, conferences, meet ups, sports teams, bands, or just incredibly large groups of friends. Have no doubt; Las Musas is the ideal choice for its spacious facilities, common areas, and the amazing offers it has for you.

– Do you have you any deals or agreements with universities, language centers, schools, museums, cultural centers, etc?

Our minds are restless like yours; therefore, here at Las Musas, we are continually seeking synergies with other centers and organizations, so you can take advantage of your stay to the fullest. Just contact us and ask us what we can offer at the time of your visit.

– Do the beds have sheets and comforters?

Yes, the beds are designed to sleep without having to add anything; therefore, no need to bring a sleeping bag or blanket.

– What things can I leave home?

In reception there are hair dryers, power adapters, irons, and scales, which can help make your luggage as light as possible. Of course, these items are limited, but you just have to wait your turn. If you are in doubt about what we can offer you, or if any question shall arise, please contact us.

-Is breakfast included?

Every morning, Las Musas offers free fresh coffee, tea, milk, cocoa powder, honey, tea and most important, CHURROS! And remember that for any special breakfast you want to prepare, you have at your disposal our fully equipped kitchen and condiments!

– And what about cleaning?

You tell us! Our professional team cleans daily all areas of the hostel, both the common areas and the rooms. But do not worry, if you’re enjoying a private room and do not want to be disturbed for any reason, just let us know at the front desk; and we will not disturb.

– And when do I pay? And how do I pay?

Payments are made at the time of check-in so it’s comfortable for everyone. And if you’re wondering about our cancellation policy, do not worry. We are good even with our terms of agreement. Just scroll down and read a little further. You can pay by cash, credit card, or debit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express. *Note that although at the time of booking we ask data from a credit card, we do NOT charge the total booking at that time. If you book through our website, you will be charged at the time only € 1.5 for management. If you do it through a central reservation site such as (Hostel world, Booking etc…), THEY will charge a percentage of the reservation at that time, and the amount shown on your receipt of the reservation will be what you have to pay on arrival to the Hostel. And if for any reason you want to prepay your reservation, just contact us and we will explain how you can do it. 

– What is your cancellation policy?

In Las Musas we have the most flexible cancellation policy you can find. We only ask that you contact us at least 48 hours in advance. In that case, we will cancel your reservation at no charge (of course we cannot reimburse you the percentage, if any, that has been charged through Hostel world central reservations, Bookings, etc. for your service.)

-Is it safe to come to Madrid?

Come relaxed to Las Musas! Madrid is one of the safest capitals in Europe. And if you have any questions or are not relaxed when you arrive, please do not hesitate to ask our staff, they will advise and help you with pleasure.